Looking back on an amazing year of oly and powerlifting, I give lots of credit to James Townsend, who was willing to take me under his wing. When I first heard about him through an old friend, I was warned he was a tough cookie. I initially inquired for weight loss and more oly training but even then I wasn't sure. After just a few weeks in I thought I would need to stop for personal reasons but he was willing to work with me as he saw potential development. I ended up embracing powerlifting and added bodyweight movements and oly lifts when meets came close.

James' programming is scientifically sound periodization and a far cry from the Crossfit background I came from. If strength gains are your goal, he's top notch; he also coaches athletes and others wishing to drop fat weight. I requested different additions to my programs as my lifting improved and all accessory work complimented my main lifts to a tee. James is also excellent at adjusting or recommending ranges should injuries pop up. Of the elite powerlifters I know who work with him, he's always looked out for their longevity vs amassing crazy, high risk PRs in the moment.

Chronic osteoarthritis in my right knee sometimes makes it hard to bend but even when I want to push its limits, James has a way of reasoning an approach that is meant to manage pain rather than create more. I've achieved exponential gains and earned 3 medals in the 5 meets I've done so far. None of that would have happened without this guy. 

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