I've been training with James since 2013.  I've had goals that I wanted to achieve for many years, but they kept eluding me.  James' aggressive and smart style of programing and coaching has helped me achieve many of my goals and we keep pushing for more.

James Townsend has trained me to a level I always knew I had in me, but was not reaching.  Powerlifting is always a work in a progress and I just keep making progress with James. 

Looking back on an amazing year of oly and powerlifting, I give lots of credit to James Townsend, who was willing to take me under his wing. When I first heard about him through an old friend, I was warned he was a tough cookie. I initially inquired for weight loss and more oly training but even then I wasn't sure. After just a few weeks in I thought I would need to stop for personal reasons but he was willing to work with me as he saw potential development. I ended up embracing powerlifting and added bodyweight movements and oly lifts when meets came close.

James' programming is scientifically sound periodization and a far cry from the Crossfit background I came from. If strength gains are your goal, he's top notch; he also coaches athletes and others wishing to drop fat weight. I requested different additions to my programs as my lifting improved and all accessory work complimented my main lifts to a tee. James is also excellent at adjusting or recommending ranges should injuries pop up. Of the elite powerlifters I know who work with him, he's always looked out for their longevity vs amassing crazy, high risk PRs in the moment.

Chronic osteoarthritis in my right knee sometimes makes it hard to bend but even when I want to push its limits, James has a way of reasoning an approach that is meant to manage pain rather than create more. I've achieved exponential gains and earned 3 medals in the 5 meets I've done so far. None of that would have happened without this guy. 

After my first powerlifting meet in April 2015 I began looking for someone to help me with my programming and to help me get to the next level. I met Coach Townsend at TTS through a friend who was one of the top national competitors in his weight class. I soon learned James had a lot of the nations best powerlifters training under him and I decided I wanted what they had.

I sought out for someone to do my programming and ended up training under one of the top coaches in the country, and by far the best in the region. James told me from the beginning he would go above and beyond and I now know that he was understating his commitment.

Coach Townsend pays attention to every detail and concern and every part of my training is personalized. I always feel like I'm getting more in return than what I'm actually paying for. He truly is a professional, honest and no nonsense mentor who has driven me to reach further, push harder and realize my potential. I have increased my lifts steadily when before I had plateaued and became frustrated. l am hitting numbers for reps that I used to fail at for singles.

I haven't been coached by James for long but long enough to know that I wouldn't waste my time with another coach when the best is just a few cities over at the best facility in the state. I'm excited to see where I'll go with James as my coach and know that he has the experience to take me as far as I'm willing to go.

2007 was suppose to be my last year of powerlifting.  I was hoping to find another sport that I could be good at.  8 years later I'm complete g my 16th year in powerlifting through the Grace of God and the gifts HE gave James W. Townsend.  Training with James not only is very inspirational because no matter what level of strength you naturally are, you want to get better and keep going because of him.

Over the years I've gotten stronger physically, but more importantly I've gotten stronger mentally.  Knowing this sport requires a lot of patience and skill, James has tested my patience and skill to the point where I can't do anything but achieve.  Whether you are training with him daily, weekly, or twice a year at a training camp, James is fully invested in your training and competing to do the best you can. 

I consider myself a pretty good athlete and  consider James an even better friend and coach. He's been in  charge of a good part of my training for the past 8-10 years. Making my workouts personal and adjustable keeps me in the sport.  With details in lifting being key in this sport he constantly comments on each red of each lift he sees whether in video or in personally.  His goal is to put you on the best position to win and that's all you can ask for.

Damarrio Doc Holloway

As a three time member of USA Powerlifting’s world team, I get the opportunity to work with many outstanding coaches and leaders in the strength and conditioning community. James Townsend is one of those illustrious few. He has a myriad of knowledge and characteristics that put him so far above others in the field of strength and conditioning.

James coached me in preparation for the 2013 International Powerlifting Federations Open World Championships held in Stavanger, Norway. James handled my programming, nutrition, and analyzed my technique on every exercise. James instruction for this time period led to a person record total and 10th place overall finish in the weight category.

James and I worked together the 2015 International Powerlifting Federation World Championships held in Hamm, Luxemburg. This competition performance included a 821 lbs/372.5 kgs squat, 672 lbs/305kgs gold medal bench press, and a 622 lbs /282.5 kgs deadlift for a 2116 lbs/960 kgs total and 5th place finish in the 231 lbs/105 kgs weight category.  A 154 lbs total increase on the international level since James has been involved in my competition preparation.

James demonstrates an uncommon level of dedication, and whatever he sets his mind to, both he and the athletes he coaches accomplish. It is this type of dogged determination even when days are long and hard.

James’s character is above reproach. James is the type of man that will be where is supposed to be doing what he is supposed to be doing. Without reservation, I recommend him as a coach for anyone’s needs from the novice level to the international level. 

Charlie Conner, Teacher and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Daniel Boone High School

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